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Tarpon Technique Changes

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Changes In Tarpon Fishing Technique

It was in the News all over: Very bad weather recently in North Nicaragua and almost all Costa Rica. Some catastrophic situations in certain area.. Meanwhile for us located Exactly in the middle at south end of Nicaragua Lake it’s been the contrary it is dry since to weeks and this morning I had to water my plants????

Fishing has been very good in all trips since middle of September till to day. We received Groups from USA and also from Costa Rica. Among them an Offshore fishing guide, a very nice and Professional person Costa Rica.. His boat is based in Ocotal. Specialty in correct season Sailfish and Marlin. Who ever is interested is invited to contact me.

So plenty tarpon around and big up to 200lb in these trip and a monster than went away but some time hooking them up do not mean than it will be a fish to the boat. I remember specifically of two trips. 2 days Fishing 18 Tarpon on and played…Only two to the boat. Another trip 1 day fishing 8 Tarpon on 2 to the boat.

Rainbow bass in Solentiname has been very good, with also the usual Bass/Wapote, Mojara, Machaca.

I expect the same condition in coming months of November and December. Then come the High season with same good fishing and from December till May sunny weather warranted.

After experimenting and a meeting with my guides, Friends and some guests present I decide to make changes in our Tarpon fishing Technique. This concern the triple hooks: we decided to only use one on the big lures we use. Depending of lure type we will keep the center one or the Tail. Another change we now quit all barb of our hooks. We have been experimenting and fishing like that. This do not effect the Statistic Hook up/Released…10 bites 7 Hooked Three to the boat… But yes please concentration and no slack in the line… I consider than this make our fishing more Challenging. No problem we can do that as we have plenty tarpon here all year round. Other Advantage no need of the Gaff except in Extreme case. So a much better treatment to the fish.

That’s it for this issue. Well I forget to tell than on hour no fishing days we spend our time on working on the boats, also to paint the lodge always trying to make improvement on quality of trips I offer.

Best Regards,
Philippe from the Jungle of San Juan River

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