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San Carlos Sport Fishing Newsletter

10th November 2007

A few trips this months with Guests coming from USA, Friends from Costa Rica and David coming from Australia.. Tarpons and Snook are present, we had Good fishing in all these trips… A special note concerning our fishing with David: 3 tarpon on fly rods #12… Many more on conventional one of them estimate around 170lb…   All fish released in good shape… We now use barbless hooks… May be a few less fish at the boat but much more challenging fishing for Angler less damage to the fish.. We now almost  do not use the gaff, we  grab the fish by the lower Jaw... No barb hooks: much safer for the guides and everyone aboard… Fighting a 200lb Tarpon in Jungle River on 20lb test from a 22 feet open sportfishing boat is a serious matter.

Yesterday with David we made our traditional day of "Relax fishing" and went for Rainbow bass in Solentiname Archipelago… We fished 4 hours caught 3 big Rainbow , then 11 Wapote (Bass) and more than 20 Mojara… Also entire Archipelago is now crowded of Birds… Impressive!

So good fishing in San Juan river and around. We changed season are now in the beginning of (Local summer ) so fishing will be the same till at least the end of April 2008. It’s time to be in touch for reservation as my High season start from beginning of December till end of April. I only have 5 sportfishing boats my company is small and will go on like that to always be able to only offer a customized and dedicated service to guests coming.

No guests  this week so tomorrow I am going on an exploration trip further down river. The plan is to go down to San Juan Del Norte on the Caribbean sea a long ride (130Miles ) …further down than Castillo  45 miles away from my Guest House (it is on this short part of the river than so far I organize  trips) Fishing on our way…discovering…David our new Australian friend will do it with a canoe with one of my guides!!! I go down in a motor boat…so two versions of the trip…Will write a report on that…

PS: I like to add  than on all these trips we did not see any other Sport fishing boat...This is what I especially like in what I offer One of the best Tarpon fishing in the world but absolutely off the beaten path.

Best Regards,
Philippe from the Jungle of San Juan River